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Estamos muy contentos de anunciar que el show de Fabi Cantilo, que inicialmente fue postergado debido a la pandemia, ¡finalmente ha sido reprogramado! El concierto tendrá lugar el 18 de junio de 2023 en el Tramline de Dublín. Les damos la bienvenida nuevamente a eventos de música Argentina en vivo y finalmente experimentar el increíble talento de Fabi Cantilo . La espera fue larga, ¡tarde en llegar, y al final hay recompensa!

¡Prepárense para una noche de música y entretenimiento inolvidables! ¡Nos vemos el Tramline!

Fabiana Cantilo is one of Argentina’s most important rock singer-songwriters, part of a generation of some of Latin America’s greatest rock artists. She started her career singing in Buenos Aires’ rock bars, where she met Andrés Calamaro and Daniel Melingo, who she would later work with.

In the early 80s she was part of the Bay Biscuits, an all-female rock band who would open for the likes of Sumo and Los Redondos. During this time, Charly Garcia invited them to play with the supergroup Serú Girán at the Teatro Coliseo.

In 1982, Fabiana alongside Pipo Cipolatti and Daniel Melingo formed the band Los Twist, this was the first time a female artist would front one of the leading bands in Argentina. They played in local rock venues alongside bands including Soda Stereo and Virus. This was followed by collaborations with Charly Garcia and Fito Paez, and in 1985, Fabiana Cantilo releases her debut album “Detectives” which features Richard Coleman, Fernando Samalea and Oscar Mediavilla amongst others.

Fabiana Cantilo has recorded a total of 16 solo albums selling over 6 million copies, received multiple awards, worked with artists including Andrés Calamaro, Charly Garcia, Fito Paez and Gustavo Cerati amongst others. She makes her debut London show at the intimate and legendary venue The Water Rats, where Bob Dylan, The Pogues and Oasis performed debut shows.

She will perform her acoustic show with a selection of popular songs, as well as music from her latest album “Cuna de Piedra”.

Fabiana Cantilo

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